Electrolux launches climate strategy

To create greater focus on our most energy-efficient appliances worldwide, Electrolux is launching a series of green product ranges.
Products with the best environmental performance represented 17% of Electrolux units sold and 22% of our gross profits in Europe. This is a sharp rise from 2% and 3.5% respectively in 2003. As reported in the recently launched Sustainability Report, we aim to increase this share further. A range of efficient appliances in terms of energy and water consumption is being launched by every business sector within Electrolux.

Green range designed to meet each market need
The products belonging to the range are the most energy-efficient appliances in each product category. These include:
• Ultrasilencer Green, a vacuum that promises 33% greater energy-efficiency compared to the performance of standard 2000W vacuum cleaners and is made by 55% recycled plastic.
• An A++ refrigerator that consumes 60% less energy than its ten-year old counterpart, in part by combining effective insulation techniques.
• The Time Manager washing machine that has half the energy needs and cuts water consumption per kilo by 65% compared to ten-year old models, in part by applying a Direct Spray function. It adjusts its water use to wash load.

Business opportunities merged with business responsibility
“Our greatest potential to reduce CO2 is by helping consumers leapfrog to the most efficient technologies,” says Henrik Sundström, Vice President of Group Sustainability Affairs. “The technology exists today. What’s needed is a strong drive to get these appliances into people’s homes. Independent research* tells us that a third of consumers list efficient appliances as a lifestyle choice that enables them to be carbon-smart. It’s both an opportunity and responsibility for us to build on this momentum.”

Three-pronged strategy to tackle climate change
The green range launch is part of our three-part strategy to help tackle climate change. It is a “360-approach” that includes:

1.  Cutting energy use in our operations 15%. Our three-year target equates to Group consumption levels of approximately 1.8 TWh of energy, or a CO2 reduction of about 100,000 tons by 2009. It is equivalent to the carbon emitted from about 22,500 cars. It also has a savings potential of 12 million Euro per year.

2.  Promoting the most energy-smart appliances—Through the Green Range we are monitoring progress for the sales of our most energy-lean products globally. Electrolux Professional, as well as Electrolux in Italy and Sweden have ranges on the market today. Remaining countries in Europe will roll their green ranges out in fall, 2008.

3.  Raising awareness on the role of efficient appliances—We are campaigning governments to give consumers incentives to go energy smart. Electrolux hosts an online calculator to gauge electricity and water savings of replacing energy-thirsty appliances. (www.electrolux.com/ecosavings).

Our Sustainability Report outlines our strategy further. It also discloses performance per Business Sector on Group energy reduction targets. In addition, we outline how Electrolux is urging policymakers to introduce tax credits for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances.

Sustainability Report recognized for transparency
“Electrolux recently received the Globe Award for best integration and transparency of CSR in business operations and reporting. With this Sustainability Report, we have raised the bar another notch,” says Sundström.
View the Sustainability Report

Electrolux on Sustainability on YouTube
For more information contact the Electrolux press hotline on +46 8 657 6507

*What assures consumer on climate change, June 2007, a Consumers International polling of UK and US consumers.