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History timeline

New logo and design moves in-house 1960-1969

Elektro-Helios store


Asea, Elektro-Helios and a new product group

Separator sells its Electrolux shares to Asea. Electrolux acquires Elektro-Helios from its owner Asea. This gives Electrolux important production units in Mariestad (compressor refrigerators) and Alingsås (food service equipment). Through the purchase, Electrolux acquires another important product group: cookers.

Launch of new logotype


Announcing a new logotype and a new president

A new logotype is introduced. Elektro-Helios’ managing director Harry Wennberg is appointed President. The capacity of the central laboratory at Lilla Essingen is almost doubled.


Compressor fridges and freezers, as well as the first Electrolux Design department

The Group introduces new freezers and combined fridge/freezers based on compressor technology. Electrolux starts its own design department and Hugo Lindström is appointed as the manager.

Caption. An ad for the vacuum cleaner Luxomatic, which premiered in 1964. It had among other things a retractable cable.


Luxomatic and the new Assistent

The vacuum cleaner Luxomatic is launched, the first one with a cord winder and dustbag indicator. A new model of the Assistent – the N6 or the Assistent Variomat – is launched. The new model has a timer and a stepless speed regulator.


Expanding the professional business

In a move to expand the professional business, Getinge Mekaniska Verkstad, a Swedish producer of sterilization equipment for the health industry, is acquired.


Turnover passes the billion mark and launch of Futureline

The Group’s turnover passes the billion SEKmark, equivalent to 10 billion SEK today. A decision is made to build a cooker plant in Motala.

The first product line with a consistent design – Futureline – is launched.  Sales of absorption refrigerators rocket.



Hans Werthén appointed CEO

LM Ericsson’s technical director Hans Werthén becomes Electrolux President & CEO. The restructuring of the fragmented Western European major appliances industry begins.

Advert for Slev


Acquisitions of Nordic competitors

Electrolux takes the initiative on changes in the Nordic markets. The company purchases Norwegian Elektra (cookers), Danish Atlas (refrigerators) followed by Finnish Slev (cookers, sauna units).

Factory Västervik


Moving vacuum cleaner production and the first floor dishwasher

Vacuum cleaner production moves from Stockholm to Västervik. The first floor dishwasher is launched. Electrolux Homeservice consisting of salesmen and product experts that help customers to plan the perfect Electrolux kitchen starts. A commercial cleaning service is established as a result of the acquisition of ASAB in 1967.


Divestment makes the way for future expansion

The minority interest (39%) in Electrolux Corp. US is sold to Consolidated Foods (later Sara Lee) for almost 300 million SEK. This deal gives Electrolux the key to future expansion.

View of factory from water


Production and HQ moves in Sweden

Cooker production in Sweden is concentrated to Motala and refrigerator production in Mariestad. The Group’s head office is moved from the inner city of Stockholm to the factory premises at Lilla Essingen. The lawn mower company Flymo, with a base in both Sweden and England, is purchased as well as 50% of the cleaning company ASAB.

World Fair New York


A launch in the US and expansion in East Asia

Dometic Sales Corp is set up mainly to focus on sales of absorption refrigerators in North America. A subsidiary is established in Hong Kong to sell the Group’s products in the Far East.

Self cleaning oven


Launching the self-cleaning oven

A large-scale face-lift takes place for the Electrolux range. A pyrolytic self cleaning oven is launched.


Moving into microwave ovens

Electrolux enters an agreement with the Swedish company Husqvarna, which the same year had launched their microwave oven Husqvarna Electronic 2000. Electrolux would market and sell Husqvarna’s microwave ovens under the Electrolux brand but clearly state that the product originally comes from Husqvarna.