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History timeline

Innovation and globalization 1930-1939

Built-in refrigerator


Built-in refrigerators and the Stockholm Stock Exchange 

The first built-in refrigerator is launched. Electrolux is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.  Harry G. Faulkner is appointed CEO.

Greenwich factory in Connecticut


Our first factory in the US and the first air-cooled fridge

Vacuum cleaner production begins in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. Electrolux also presents L1, the first air-cooled refrigerator.


Creating an alternative to home sales

Electrolux acquires AB Volta from Wenner-Gren. Volta is focused on retail sales. The Group now has an alternative to home sales of vacuum cleaners and thereby gains greater market coverage.

Fire in the factory


A fire at Lilla Essingen and the millionth fridge is sold

A fire destroys part of the factory on Lilla Essingen.

Electrolux announces that the company has sold one million refrigerators since the beginning of the 1930s. Production of vacuum cleaners begins in Melbourne, Australia.

Factory on Lilla Essingen


A new factory with a central laboratory

The factory on Lilla Essingen is rebuilt and modernized with a central laboratory for product development.

Z30 vacuum cleaner


Keeping up with the trends for streamlined products

Streamlined products are modern. Of the vacuum cleaners of this decade, the Z30 – nicknamed ”the Loaf” with a design by Laurelle Guild – keeps pace with the trend.

Axel Wenner-Gren with wife


Wenner-Gren resigns as chairman but keeps the shares

Wenner-Gren resigns as chairman of the Board, but remains as majority owner of Electrolux and moves to the Bahamas. He is succeeded as chairman of the Board by Axel F. Enström.