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History timeline

A fast-growing startup 1919-1929

Electrolux logo medalion


The founding of Electrolux

“On August 1, an agreement is reached between AB Lux and Svenska Elektron AB (in which Wenner-Gren is the dominating owner), giving Elektron the sole sales rights to AB Lux vacuum cleaners. The agreement obligates Elektron to buy its vacuum cleaners from Lux and show Lux as the manufacturer of them. At the Annual General Meeting on August 29, Elektromekaniska AB (wholly owned by Wenner-Gren-dominated Elektron) changes its name to AB Electrolux. The new name is a combination of Elektromekaniska and Lux.”

Front page of a Lux Electric Dust remover ad brochure from 1912


Expanding into new countries

As development of the Model V starts, the new company Electrolux sets up wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

catalog cover with accessories


The first Swedish electric stove

The Swedish company Elektro-Helios launches the first electric stove in Sweden (Elektro-Helios is acquried by Electrolux in 1962).



Easy-to-use vacuum cleaner for ordinary homes 

“Model V is launched. It weighs 5 kg and is regarded as a big step towards creating an effective and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner for ordinary homes. Pay extra close attention to the runners – an invention by Wenner-Gren himself. They were in use on Electrolux machines well into the 1960s.

Electrolux sets up sales subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, England and Finland.”

Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters ca.1937


Presenting the absorption fridge 

Swedish engineering students Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm present a sensational invention – a machine that produces cold through heat using a new and brilliant application of the absorption process. The machine can be driven by electricity, gas or kerosene.


Acquisition of Lux

The first part of Wenner-Gren’s sales instruction is published in the Electrolux Bulletin in March 1923.

AB Lux is acquired by Electrolux from the owner AGA.

European Model V advert


Sales companies in eight more countries

Sales companies are established in Spain, Romania, Hungary, Brazil, Austria, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. The Model V continues its success around the world.

Ad brochure, Electrox is expanding


The new markets in the US, Australia and more

Electrolux sets up subsidiary companies in the US, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Electrolux refrigerator from 1925


Storing fresh food at home

“Electrolux purchases Arctic and launches the first absorption refrigerator, the ”D-fridge I” on the world market. For many people this “wonderful box” solves the problem of storing fresh food at home.”

Servel refrigerator advert


Cooperation with Servel in the US

Wenner-Gren travels to the US and starts a cooperation with Servel Corporation in Indiana to sell the fridge in North America. Electrolux sales companies are established in Portugal, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Mexico.

Elektrolux Gmbh factory Tempelhof Berlin


Wenner-Gren takes on a new role, the first factory outside of Sweden opens

Wenner-Gren resigns as CEO and becomes chairman of the Board. He is replaced by Ernst Aurell. The first factory outside of Sweden opens in Templehof, Berlin.

Luton factory article


Floor polishers and more European factories 

Floor polishers become part of the product range. Electrolux builds vacuum cleaner plants in Luton, England and Courbevoie, France. These plants are eventually equipped for the production of refrigerators.


Introduction on the London Stock Exchange

The share capital in Electrolux is increased 10-fold from six million to 60 million SEK. The company is consolidated and introduced to the London Stock Exchange. It now has five plants, some 20 subsidiaries and 250 offices throughout the world.


Harry G Faulkner becomes acting CEO

Due to a car accident that rendered Ernst Aurell incapable of managing the company, Englishman Harry G. Faulkner is appointed acting CEO.