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History timeline

Growth through acquisitions 1970-1979



Microlux: The first Electrolux microwave

Electrolux launches a microwave oven based on and with the same design as the Husqvarna Electronic 2000 under the name “Microlux.”

Oven with new colors


Commercial cleaning and colors for major appliances

A commercial cleaning service is established as a result of new company acquisitions. A face-lift for major appliances takes place with the trend towards new colors. Caravan refrigerators (absorption) are booming in the US market.


Acquisitions to meet demand for absorption refrigeration

The upswing for absorption-refrigerator technology accelerates. The Group purchases manufacturers in Luxembourg and Germany (Kreft, Siegas) to meet the demand on the European market.

Facit factory Örsäter


Moving into new territory again: Calculators, office furniture and more

Facit is acquired – a purchase outside the core business. Its main products are mechanical calculators and office furniture, with subsidiaries in over 100 countries. Electrolux also acquires Ballingslöv, a producer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and professional washing machine maker Wascator.

CEO Gösta Bystedt


Hans Werthén becomes chairman, Gösta Bystedt is appointed CEO

Hans Werthen resigns as CEO to become chairman of the Board and is replaced by Gösta Bystedt, formerly Executive Vice President. Bystedt started his career at Elektro-Helios and was during the 1960s head of the vacuum cleaning business.

Eureka vacuum cleaners for sale


Electrolux becomes number one in vacuum cleaners

The US vacuum cleaner producer NUE – with the brand Eureka – is acquired. This deal makes Electrolux the world’s number-one producer of vacuum cleaners.  Major appliances are marketed under product names like Future Line and Superstar Electronic.

Microlux stove


Acquisitions in new product areas and launch of the built-in micro

A number of acquisitions in sectors such as laundry service (Tvättman), materials handling and agricultural machinery take place. The CF 780 – a stove with a built-in microwave oven is launched.

The burgundy-red unit could cook a frozen ham in half the time it would take in an ordinary oven.

Ad for an kitchen cabinetry


Presenting the New Generation product line

The “Electrolux New Generation” was introduced – a cooperation between Electrolux and Ballingslöv made after the new international dimension standard. “New Generation” was not only the result of technical development, but also a new design concept from the Electrolux design center in Stockholm.


French acquisition and hitting the 5 million mark

Electrolux advances on the French market by acquiring major appliances manufacturer Arthur Martin and the vacuum cleaner company Tornado. These deals include Nestor Martin of Belgium and Menalux of Switzerland.

More than 5 million vacuum cleaners and floor polishers are manufactured.



Thanks to acquiring Husqvarna, chainsaws becomes a new product line.

The Electrolux household appliance sector in Sweden is strengthened by the acquisition of Husqvarna. The deal also brings an entirely new addition to the product range – chainsaws.

New Generation Electrolux Stove


Datalux cooker is launched

The Datalux cooker, in which Electrolux used the electronic know-how from Facit, is launched. Datalux had electronic control functions with memory capacity and an automatic boil control.


Three more chainsaw companies acquired plus Swiss Therma

The expansion in outdoor products continues, with Partner in the same year and Jonsered and Pioneer in 1979.  The major appliances company Therma of Switzerland is also acquired.

Tappan stoves


Back in the US with the acquisition of Tappan

Electrolux re-enters the US major appliances market through the acquisition of Tappan in Mansfield, Ohio. The company manufactures household appliances, including the new product category microwaves.

Little Assistant


A "Little Assistent" for small households

A smaller, wallfixed version of the Assistent food processor is launched called “The Little Assistent.” It was foldable and suited for smaller households.