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History timeline

Laundry, dishes and a new owner 1950-1959

Electrolux factory Sao Paulo Brazil


Production in Brazil 

Electrolux begins producing vacuum cleaners and floor polishers in São Paolo, Brazil.

W20 washing machine


The first household washing machine, and a new president

The launch of the first household washing machine W20, also called the floating wing, occurs in 1951.
Elon V. Ekman is appointed President.



Compressor fridges, Argentina and the Geneva Stock Exchange

The company starts manufacturing compressor fridges. Production of floor polishers and refrigerators begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Electrolux shares are listed on the Geneva Stock Exchange.

Citybox freezer


Citybox and sales pass the half billion mark

The first chest freezer for Electrolux, the Citybox, is launched.  Group sales pass the half billion SEK mark, equivalent to 7 billion SEK today.


Wenner-Gren sells his shares

After a conflict with the Electrolux Board, 75-year-old Wenner-Gren sells his Electrolux shares to Separator within the Wallenberg Group in order to free up money for other business ventures.

Early electrolux logo


Changing the name from Elektrolux to Electrolux everywhere 

The spelling of the Group’s name is changed throughout the world from Elektrolux to Electrolux.

Vacuum cleaner model Z70


The Z70

The Z70 vacuum cleaner, designed by Sixten Sason, is introduced.


The US craves caravan refrigerators

Exporting caravan refrigerators to the US begins and is successful, but the big rush takes place in the 1960s. The absorption fridges are perfect for caravans since they can run on gas.

D10 dishwasher advertisement


The first Electrolux dishwasher and the first combined fridge/freezer

The first dishwasher designed by Electrolux is a benchtop model, the popular D 10, also called the ”round jar.” The first combined fridge/freeze model is produced in Motala, Sweden.