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Trend review from Eurocucina 2010

The Milan Furniture Fair that took place in April is Europe's largest kitchen and furniture show. Thomas Johansson, Design Director within Electrolux, reveals his impressions of the most striking trends from the fair.

Isn’t it time for an intuitive, green oven?

Electrolux has launched the new air-o-steam Touchline oven for professional kitchens. The revolutionary oven simplifies cooking, saves money and reduces climate impact.

Support International World Water Day – Read your Dishwasher Manual

Electrolux have previously show that a dishwasher reduces water and energy consumption (when compared to manual dishwashing) and have a dedicated website that calculates how those who own a dishwasher can help save the environment and money ( Now, on International World Water Day, Electrolux announce the results of a recent study by the University of Bonn showing that those who do own a dishwasher could use them even more efficiently by reading the accompanying manual.

Electrolux tests system that reduces risk of overloads in the power grid due to cold temperatures

This winter’s cold temperatures in Northern Europe has caused risk for energy shortage. Authorities urges households to use their washing machine and other appliances during nights in order to mitigate power peaks. A smart grid project co-initiated by Electrolux could reduce this risk. In the project, households are testing a system for smart appliances that automatically detect and avoid consumption during peak periods of the day.

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