How do we enable healthier eating at home?

When it comes to healthier and more sustainable eating, Electrolux Group products can help people to cook in ways that are better for their health.

Cooking with steam can be healthier and more efficient

Steam ovens can help retain more nutrients in meals. They can also reduce food waste by enabling people to easily reheat leftovers without drying them out.

“Being able to cook at lower temperatures provides better tasting food and retains more valuable nutrients,” says Carlo Gambardella, Sustainability Lead Food Preparation. “In fact, third-party tests comparing raw, steamed and boiled broccoli have shown that cooking with steam can preserve up to 90% of the vegetable’s vitamin C content.1)

Additionally, steam ovens are not only quicker than a conventional oven — they use less energy too. Consumers can cook their favorite dishes at lower temperatures with Electrolux Group’s steam ovens using up to 20% less energy than conventional cooking techniques2). Cooking with steam simply offers more efficient heat transfer at lower temperatures.

Healthier oil-free cooking with AirFry

“Our ovens with built-in AirFry functionality use superheated air that is quickly and evenly circulated around the oven to achieve a great crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside taste,” says Gambardella. “What’s more, you need little or no oil for healthier cooking with up to 70% less fat and 34% less calories compared with conventional frying.3)

Ovens with built-in AirFry also allow more food to be cooked at once compared with conventional cooking techniques. Tests have shown that AirFry can prepare up to four times more portions for the family than a conventional oven.4)

Inspiring more sustainable eating

Many studies have shown that eating more plants and less meat is better for a person’s health and the planet.5) Electrolux Group’s latest induction cooktops not only offer more energy-efficient surface cooking, they also have a built-in user interface that provides tips and features to support consumers to use their cooktop more efficiently and a new section of plant-based recipes to nudge them to make more sustainable choices.

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1) Based on external tests comparing raw broccoli against steamed broccoli vitamin C levels. Test performed based on determination of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in foodstuff by HPLC/UV-visible method.
2) Based on internal test comparing salmon fillet cooked with FullSteam function vs traditional non-steam cooking.
3) Tests carried out by a nutritionist with 800 g of frozen french fries, comparing conventional frying (using 1800ml of soybean oil) and preparation using the airfry function of the OE9XB built-in oven (without adding oil). The result demonstrated a reduction of 33.9% in calories and 68.7% in fat when prepared in the airfry function of the OE9XB model.
4) Tests comparing the ability to prepare chicken wings at a single time in the Electrolux EAF20 Airfryer (330g) and the Electrolux OE9XB built-in oven (1100g), where the result in the oven’s airfry function produced 3.6 more portions.
5) Replate website.