Home Care & SDA

Electrolux is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and vacuum-cleaner accessories in the world and holds market-leading positions in most regions.

As one of the few global manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, Electrolux can focus on global product development.

A special focus lies on innovative and energy-efficient vacuum cleaners in the upper-price segments. Electrolux is also market-leading in the central-vacuum cleaner segment.

In Asia and the Americas, most of the Group’s vacuum cleaners are sold under the Electrolux brand. The Electrolux brand also dominates in Europe, complemented by AEG in central Europe. The Volta, Tornado, Progress and Zanussi brands are focused on lower price segments.

Trends in floor-care products

Performance and function remain the most important factors for consumers worldwide. Consumers want vacuum cleaners that have high suction power and are ergonomic and user-friendly.

Urbanization, with a growing number of small households across the world, has resulted in elevated demand for small, compact and efficient vacuum cleaners. They should also be well-designed so that they can be visible and easily accessible, for instance, to meet the need for quick cleaning of small spaces in the home, such as the kitchen and hallway.

Greater environmental awareness in many regions is driving demand for vacuum cleaners that use less energy and that are manufactured in a sustainable manner.