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Electrolux is much more than cooking, laundry and cleaning. The company also focuses on categories such as air-conditioning equipment and water heaters.

Although the global market for air-conditioners and water heaters is the same size as the market for refrigerators and freezers, it will probably expand at a faster growth rate in the future, driven primarily by higher demand in emerging markets.

Within air-conditioning equipment, Electrolux already holds a strong position in Brazil, the US and Australia, where the brand is among the market leaders. Aside from households, products are also sold to hotels and offices and, in such cases, often together with other Electrolux products.

In Europe, Electrolux has started selling air-conditioners, dehumidifiers and heat pumps under the Electrolux brand in the premium segment and under the Zanussi brand in the mass-market segment. The acquisition of Olympic Group has also provided the Group with a position in water heaters, with sales and production in Egypt and nearby regions.