As one of the global leaders in our industry, we are not just a company, but also a part of the society within which we operate. Wherever we are in the world, Electrolux inpires and empowers consumers to live better and more sustainable lives.

Make sustainable eating the preferred choice

By influencing how our products are used, we can reduce food waste, promote resource efficient food choices and nutrition, as well as enhance sustainable eating experiences.

Make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact

We can further contribute to more sustainable laundry practices by incorporating innovative solutions that increase laundry efficiency and improve garment care. We can also promote modern laundry habits and change consumer perceptions of clothes for the better.

Make homes healthier and more sustainable through smart solutions for air, water and floors

We offer consumers air, water and floor products and solutions that promote wellbeing in the home by making indoor environments healthier and caring for them more sustainably.