Solutions for healthy and sustainable living for more people

We are making efficient appliances accessible to more people, creating opportunities for a better life for everyone.

Our promise

Electrolux will leverage its global presence to accelerate technology transfer to emerging markets.

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The case for action

A refrigerator is one of the first things people buy when they enter into the middle class. Appliances provide solutions to the most fundamental needs for household such as fresh food and water. From a social perspective, they free up time allowing people, often women, to have a job or for children to go to school.

As the global middle class will almost double by 2030 this means that the demand for energy, water and resources will continue to increase.

To minimize the use of energy and water in homes, efficient appliances can play a key role. As a leading global appliance company, we have the opportunity to provide efficient and affordable solutions for the growing middle class around the world.

Our approach

We develop efficient solutions and appliances to help people around the world gain access to efficient appliances. The success of this promise lies in delivering appliances that appeal to and meet the needs of consumers with limited income, and in the right market conditions that emphasize the value of efficiency.

Electrolux engages in the United for Efficiency (U4E) partnership, led by the United Nations Environment Program, to promote the use of efficient appliances in emerging markets through energy labelling, incentive programs and end-of life treatment of redundant appliances.


  • Alignment of Electrolux’s global platforms across relevant markets in order to provide a Group-wide focus for this promise