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Electrolux launches “Like a chef” in cooperation with Baheya Hospital and the Egyptian Chefs Association

Cairo, Egypt – 23 March 2023: Electrolux, a leader in the manufacture and production of electrical appliances, signed a cooperation agreement with Baheya Hospital, along with the Egyptian Chefs Association, to launch a new edition of its very own “Like a Chef” program, with the aim of training and qualifying women in the culinary field, so as to ensure a source of income to them, as well as help them find suitable job opportunities at major restaurants and hotels. 

The signing of the agreement comes within the framework of the company’s strategy, which ultimately focuses on the importance of the role that women play in society, economically and socially. The strategy also hones in on the need to support these women’s capabilities, and encourage them to present their various creations through a distinguished set of innovative community means and programs.  

Not to mention, this step is stemming from the relentless keenness of Electrolux to provide meaningful community initiatives that rotate around the advancement of society, in line with Egypt’s goals of sustainable development and women empowerment, which were mandated throughout Egypt's Vision 2030. 

Under the aforementioned agreement, Baheya Foundation, as part of its "Wahda gedida" initiative, will select 20 women to participate in the "Like a Chef" program. As for the Egyptian Chefs Association, it will be responsible for providing culinary experts to offer their training curricula, while assisting the program’s graduates to obtain jobs at a number of major restaurants and hotels. 

Commenting on this agreement, Maissam El Hennawy, CEO of Electrolux Egypt, stated: “We are always keen on launching community initiatives and programs, and double down partnerships with various institutions, in the hope of achieving sustainable development. Our goal in the “Like a Chef” program is to develop women’s culinary skills by bringing about global expertise to help them get hold of promising job opportunities and sustainable income, due to our full belief in the principle of equal opportunities and the need to support women in all possible ways.” 

He added: "This year, the program includes three courses, a 5-week duration each, and at the end of each training Electrolux will proffer a group of its employees to train women on some simple skills relevant to how to start your business, basic project accounts, sales, marketing, etc.”  

For his part, Eng. Tamer Shawky, Chairman of Baheya Hospital, expressed his happiness to cooperate with Electrolux and the Egyptian Chefs Association, by mentioning: "We certainly take pride in this cooperation, which will result in yielding positive outcomes, given the fact that it supports our common goal, which is upholding the role of women and encouraging them to practice their lives effectively." 

To sum up, it is noteworthy that "Like a Chef" is one of Electrolux’s social responsibility programs. In fact, it was launched in late 2017, with the aim of raising awareness about how to help women who cook professionally, yet do not have the tools, to generate income. The program aims at contributing to the Electrolux Food Foundation's goal of educating and training more than 12,000 people worldwide by 2030, and in 2020 nearly 300 people have been trained.