Doing it Like A Chef

Like a Chef is an employment training program that provides underprivileged people with culinary workplace skills with a focus on sustainable cooking.

The culinary training program has the objective to train a new generation of kitchen professionals by providing an extensive overview of cooking techniques. It also aims to make them aware of the importance of sustainability in the culinary industry by emphasizing a sustainable and zero-waste approach.

The curriculum is adapted to each location in terms of content and duration. Depending on where in the world it is implemented, the program is between five to eight weeks long and covers topics such as hygiene and food safety, and cooking techniques. It can be taught in person, online or in a hybrid version that combines both.

The Like a Chef curriculum was developed in partnership with Worldchefs. Its target is to educate and train over 3,000 people around the world by 2030. The Electrolux Food Foundation has the goal to train an additional 9,000 people through its Professional Training strategy pillar.

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