Vanessa Butani, VP Group Sustainability

Driving global climate action

As a climate leader in its industry with the ambition for climate neutral operations by 2030 and a climate neutral value chain by 2050, Electrolux Group promotes international collaboration on climate action. 

“We are working toward real emissions reduction throughout our value chain – from our suppliers and our own operations to the transport of our goods and the lifecycle use of our products,” explains Vanessa Butani, Head of Group Sustainability. In 2022, Electrolux Group reduced the emissions from its sold products (scope 3 emissions) by more than 25% and its absolute scope 1 and 2 direct and indirect greenhouse emissions in operations by 82% compared to 2015.

“But to achieve broader climate action, we are working proactively with various value chain partners and by collaborating on different international sustainability initiatives.”

Collaboration at UN events

In 2022, Electrolux Group participated in the United Nations Stockholm+50 event, which was 50 years on from the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in June 1972. The global community came together again to discuss the urgent action needed for a better, more sustainable future. Vanessa Butani delivered a keynote speech at the event and joined several panels and roundtables.

During the year, Electrolux Group continued its plan that was submitted to the UN Cool Coalition initiative to accelerate the removal of F-gases from the production of new products and to introduce gases with reduced Global Warming Potential. The plan aims to replace high-impact greenhouse gases in all Electrolux Group appliances by 2023 at the latest. 

Unique position to drive change through consumers

The UN meetings in 2022 provided Electrolux Group with opportunities to share experiences, bring consumers to the center of the conversation and forge partnerships with other sustainability leaders.

“With a long history of working with sustainability and climate issues, we have lots to say and plenty of achievements to highlight,” says Butani. “I feel we’re really unique with our solutions and how we drive positive change through consumers.”

Spotlight on sustainable food

The UN events highlighted the importance of creating a more sustainable food system with less waste, greater diversity, adaptation of regional diets, food justice and social food system goals.

“Together with our value chain partners working with food production and packaging, we at Electrolux Group can really contribute by influencing how consumers interact with food in their homes,” concludes Butani. “This is what we’re striving toward through the products and solutions we offer consumers. I believe that we can step up our work to become an even more important value chain partner in the sustainable food chain going forward.”

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