Report for the first nine months of 2001

  • Demand weakening in most product areas
  • Higher sales and operating income for Consumer Durables in Europe
  • Substantially lower income in North America due to costs for phase-in of new generation of refrigerators
  • Considerable decline in income for Components product line within Professional Indoor Products
  • Provision of SEK 1,763m for restructuring, mainly within Professional Indoor Products

Net sales and income

Net sales for Electrolux in the first nine months of 2001 amounted to SEK 103,922m, compared with SEK 95,072m for the same period in the preceding year. This corresponds to an increase of 9.3%, of which 9.9% is attributable to exchange rate fluctuations, 2.7% to changes in Group structure, and -3.3% to volume/price/mix.

Operating income amounted to SEK 6,330 (6,333), corresponding to 6.1% (6.7) of sales. Income after financial items was SEK 5,453m (5,575), corresponding to 5.2% (5.9) of sales. Net income increased to SEK 4,156m (3,716), which corresponds to SEK 12.20 (10.20) per share.