Markets – North America

In 2023, the Group had sales of 45 billion SEK in the region, equivalent to 34 % of total Group sales. Main brands in the region are Frigidaire and Electrolux. The Group has approx. 11,000 employees in North America (incl. Mexico).

Market characteristics & Electrolux Group position

  • North America is a mature appliance market with high product penetration.
  • The market is dominated by replacement products, further emphasized with consumers using discretionary investments to remodel their existing homes.
  • Home footprints allow space for many large household appliances in the kitchen, laundry rooms, as well as garages and basements.
  • The market is highly competitive and made up of several large global manufacturers.
  • Electrolux Group holds a strong position in core appliances, predominantly under the Frigidaire brand.