Giorgia Possamai is a STEM:FEM mentor, helping to inspire students as they take the first step in their careers. "To succeed, gender is not important. The important thing is to always believe," she explains.

International Day of the Girl: Curiosity and believing in yourself are keys to success

Giorgia Possamai, a Chemical Compliance leader at Electrolux Group, is a mentor of our STEM:FEM program which aims to support and inspire STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) students as they take the first steps in their careers.  This International Day of the Girl, Possamai shares her career journey, the importance of self-belief and her top tips for getting ahead.

What is your role at Electrolux Group?

I am Chemical Compliance Area Leader within the Product Technology Organization Sustainability team, based in Porcia, Italy and I am one of the technical references at Group level for the chemical compliance of materials. I work daily in collaboration with a cross-functional team to ensure that our appliances comply with current regulations and those that will come… which – unluckily or luckily – are many.

At Electrolux Group we have a strong sustainability culture. Chemical compliance isn’t just about meeting requirements – it’s about eliminating harmful materials from our products to protect our consumers and the planet, which is one of the nine pillars of the Electrolux Group Sustainability Framework, For the Better 2030.

What was your career path? 

I have a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Padua. I started my work experience in a small company close to my home in the Veneto region that produces rubber products.   After that I entered the world of Electrolux Group. Here, apart from a brief period in the Advance Development team, I have always dealt with chemical compliance of materials, initially at European level and then at a global level.

In addition to being part of various European and international committees that follow the evolution of laws and standards, I am also responsible for writing some of the guidelines that help Electrolux Group and our suppliers meet the many requirements on chemical compliance.

Both the company and my managers have always given me the opportunity to specialize in new and very important topics for the environment and the consumer, such as compliance with food contact standards. This is a difficult and challenging topic…but I like challenges.

How important do you think it is to support women through STEM:FEM

I would say it’s super important. I would like to convey to them my passion, my persistent belief that with curiosity (my daughter always makes fun of me because I look for information on anything I do not know), perseverance, collaboration, optimism and kindness, nothing is impossible. Nothing.

To succeed, gender is not important. The important thing is to always believe. I was once what they call a lab rat. I spent my days in a room doing experiments. Now I’m always in meetings with half the world. I’m always at my desk but my enthusiasm is the same because I like what I do and I like to learn and share what I know.

Giorgia’s top career tips for getting ahead: 

  • Seek out diverse perspectives
  • Never stop learning
  • Be kind and show up with passion and dedication

More about Giorgia 

Based: Porcia, Italy

Likes: smiling faces, friendship, collaboration, science

Dislikes: skepticism, arrogance

Hobbies: skiing, travelling, spending time with family & friends

What drives her: curiosity!


STEM:FEM is a mentoring program that aims to support gender equity in sectors such as computer science, digitalization, innovation, engineering or design, where some groups are still underrepresented. Through the STEM:FEM program, Electrolux Group is donating 100 hours of mentoring to 20 STEM students from all over the world during 2023.

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