Global Engineer Program – Meet Souha Hmissi

The first batch of engineers in the Electrolux Global Engineer Program (GEP) are currently enjoying their internship at Electrolux. In this third interview, Souha Hmissi explains how her new job is the perfect combination of teamwork, challenges and opportunities.

Tunisian-born Souha Hmissi is currently based at the Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, where she is a Junior Data Engineer on the Global Data Science team.

Since joining Electrolux, she has worked on several data science projects related to social media and building dashboards which have tested the limits of her technical skills.

Besides getting hands-on technical experience in building data pipelines etc., Souha has also learned a lot about teamwork and greatly values the support she receives from her colleagues to further develop her skills.

“I have learned how to ask for help and how to be more careful and responsible when it comes to fulfilling a task,” she says. “And now I have started meeting stakeholders and interacting directly with them about projects, which presents new challenges for me.”

Her work at Electrolux stretches her to think creatively and outside the box.

“Data science is an impressive field. But, I don’t like to just re-apply readymade algorithms. I like to be able to develop my own models and predict results that can really bring value to the business,” Souha says.

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