Global Engineer Program – Meet Devak Asvinkumar Patel

The first batch of interns in the Electrolux Global Engineer Program (GEP) have now joined Electrolux. In this second interview, Devak Asvinkumar Patel explains why he is proud to work for a large global company whose values and focus on sustainability are close to his own heart.

UK-born Devak Asvinkumar Patel is currently part of the Electrolux Global Manufacturing Engineering team. He is responsible for standardizing the insulation foaming process for refrigerators across all factories worldwide.

He jumped at the opportunity to work for a large global company like Electrolux whose values and focus on sustainability are close to his own heart. “At the end of the day I want to ensure that my generation makes the world a better place for the future generations to come,” he says.

Besides the technical nature of his job, Devak has learned softer skills such as how to communicate effectively with external suppliers and other sectors and functions within Electrolux.

He has also been thrown in the deep end in meetings which has forced him to think on the spot, placing him outside his comfort zone. “These types of experiences ensure my skillset – in particular communication – is constantly refined and strained,” he says.

What does the future hold for this young engineer?

He answers: “I see myself building on everything I have learned so far at Electrolux. The industry is going through a digital transformation and I would like to contribute to driving this as well as other innovations within the company.”

Electrolux is always looking for new talents that can contribute to the Electrolux journey to shape living for the better. For more information about life at Electrolux and open positions, visit:

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