Global Engineer Program – Meet Bianca Frachetta Fernandes

The first batch of interns in the Electrolux Global Engineer Program have now joined Electrolux. Bianca Frachetta Fernandes explains how this experience not only gives her a sense of purpose but also pushes her to think creatively every day.

Bianca Frachetta Fernandes is one of the engineering interns who recently joined Electrolux as part of the Electrolux Global Engineer Program.

The Brazilian is working as a Commodity Analyst on the Electrolux Global Purchasing team where she is responsible for tracking the price and market developments of commodities such as steel, metals and chemicals.

With a background in engineering, Fernandes enjoys working with data but also believes in giving it an emotional perspective. She chose to work for Electrolux because she liked the company’s stance on sustainability, gender equality and she wanted to work with something meaningful that impacts people’s lives.

In her job, she is constantly on the lookout for new ways to transform huge volumes of data about commodities into valuable information which can be used to protect Electrolux against market volatility. This keeps her on her toes, constantly testing her creativity levels and pushing her to learn new skills and tools.

Fernandes believes the Global Engineer Program is the perfect opportunity to develop herself personally and professionally.

“So far, Electrolux has been a great company to work for, with a good work environment and different opportunities to move forward. I would like to continue my path here after these 14 months as a trainee, challenging myself, within or outside my current area.”

Electrolux is always looking for new talents that can contribute to the Electrolux journey to shape living for the better. For more information about life at Electrolux and open positions, visit:

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