Global cleaning habits exposed in Electrolux vacuuming survey

Electrolux has published the findings from one of the largest surveys ever conducted into global vacuum cleaning habits. Highlighting preferences and usage patterns among different nationalities, age groups and gender, the Electrolux Global Vacuuming Survey offers insight into consumer preferences that will inspire future innovations in home appliances.

The online survey of 28,000 people in 23 countries across the world shows significant variations in vacuuming habits between regions. For instance almost a third of respondents in South Korea vacuum once per day, compared to the global average of 13 percent.

A common factor across the world, on the other hand, is noise being rated the most annoying factor when using the appliance. The survey also covered topics such as key criteria when making a purchase decision, which music people listen to when vacuuming, and what kind of clothes they wear.

“These aren’t just fun facts, although some of the results from the survey did raise a few eyebrows. Understanding the consumers is essential for us in everything from prioritizing among research and development projects to the creation of our marketing strategies,” said Henrik Bergström, Head of Electrolux Small Appliances. “Having hard statistics about people’s attitudes allows us to focus on consumer-relevant innovations such as the new generation of UltraSilencer, which is possibly the quietest vacuum cleaner in the world.”

Read more about the new UltraSilencer here.

Countries covered in the survey included the UK, Sweden, Germany, China, Japan, Australia, USA and Brazil. Key findings included that dust pickup is the single most important factor (30%) globally when buying a vacuum cleaner. The second most important (16%) is power/wattage, and quality/durability comes third (15%).

Find a detailed report about the survey, highlights of key facts and figures, below.

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