New innovations behind the quietest vacuum cleaner

Electrolux has recently launched a new generation of UltraSilencer vacuum cleaners – possibly the quietest vacuum cleaner in the world. Patented innovations make for a unique combination of excellent cleaning performance and a sound level of only 61 decibels – lower than an everyday conversation.

Demand for very silent vacuum cleaners has grown significantly during recent years. Since the launch of the first generation Electrolux UltraSilencer in 2002, it has now become the third largest vacuum cleaner platform in the Group, with double digit volume growth during 2013.

According to the Electrolux Global Vacuuming Survey 2013, noise is the most annoying factor for consumers globally when vacuuming. In 21 of the 23 surveyed countries, noise was rated as the No.1 annoying factor. Other research shows that 90 % of consumers wish for a quieter vacuum cleaner.

“With the new generation of the UltraSilencer we wanted to address this need. After extensive research and development we have reached a sound level that is lower than any vacuum cleaner on the market that we have tested. And the noise level has been lowered without compromising the excellent cleaning performance,” said Curt Nyberg, Chief Technology Officer, Electrolux Small Appliances.

The new generation UltraSilencer holds a uniquely low sound level of between 61 and 65 decibels depending on wattage – not higher than a normal conversation. The key developments for new UltraSilencer have been a new ultra-quiet floor nozzle, and a new hose designed with silence in mind but still delivering excellent cleaning results on all surfaces. Another area of improvement that has further lowered the sound level is the new “Sound Shield™” design of the dust bag holder and motor filter frame.

The low noise level has been reached without compromising performance. The UltraSilencer shows excellent deep cleaning results on all surfaces. It is also completely sealed, from nozzle to outlet, cleaning the air up to 99.95 % (HEPA 13). By purifying the air that leaves the vacuum cleaner, it reduces the risk of allergic reactions and offers a healthier home. It has therefore been recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

Electrolux has carried out research and experiments in the sound area for several years, resulting in a number of patents. “Silent Air Technology™” optimizes the airflow by allowing the vacuum cleaner to increase its performance while lowering the noise level at the same time. As every un-optimized bend in a vacuum cleaner increases noise levels and lowers performance, silence and performance can go hand in hand.

How silent is 61 decibels (dB)?

  • Libraries 40 dB
  • Normal conversations 60-70 dB
  • Radio and TV 70 dB
  • Average vacuum cleaners 78 dB

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