Business area Europe continuously focuses on strengthening its product offering through consumer centric innovation, investing in brand building, and maintaining strong cost efficiency. This has resulted in earnings resilience and improved margins as well as strengthened value market positions in the two targeted innovation areas built-in kitchen and premium laundry under the premium brands Electrolux and AEG. The business area has a lean and efficient manufacturing base with a high degree of automation and more than 60% of production capabilities in low-cost regions. In recent years, significant investments have been initiated in Business Area Europe to upgrade the product platforms using a high degree of automation combined with innovative features and design.

Market and Position

Western Europe

  • Mature and fragmented market with widely varying consumer needs between countries and many manufacturers, brands and retailers.
  • Electrolux is the second largest player with a value market share in core appliances of 16% in 2021 and leading position in the Nordics and Italy.
  • Electrolux has a strong position in the targeted segments built-in kitchen and premium laundry.

Eastern Europe

  • A growth market with a significantly lower penetration rate than Western Europe though a large market for replacement products is emerging.
  • Dominated by Western manufacturers.
  • Electrolux holds a leading position with a value market share in core appliances of 14% in 2021.
Strategic focus Actions and execution
Continue growth of built-in kitchen and premium laundry position​s
  • Strengthened value market share for built-in kitchen over the past years, mainly driven by the launch of the new Electrolux branded range. ~22% value market share in 2021.
  • Strengthened value market share for premium laundry over the past years. ~14% value market share in 2021.
  • 34% sales growth for built-in kitchen under the Electrolux brand (2021 vs 2019).
Further build on brand desirability
  • Successfully built key brand attributes for the Electrolux brand with campaigns in laundry and built-in kitchen.
  • Continue to improve top 3 consideration through on-going and focused key market campaigns.
Accelerate e-commerce focus
  • Double-digit growth in B2B both for pure players and for omni-channel.
  • D2C platform live in 2021 in many markets. ​
  • Transforming into a consumer and service driven supply chain model.
Boost aftermarket sales
  • Strong growth in the segment services.
  • Fully leverage sales opportunities through contact center agents and service technicians.
  • Strengthened service network through selective acquisitions
  • Strengthen position through data-driven consumer relationship and knowledge management system.​
Develop modularized products in automated production Execute on the re-engineering programs to generate:​

  • Increased innovation speed.​
  • Relevant features at a lower cost.​
  • Best-in-class design and quality.
  • Strengthening offering of energy efficient products

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