Electrolux and AEG EcoLine highlight energy-efficient solutions for consumers



  • 44% of households in Europe wash at 30°C and some 86% of households have tried to reduce energy use in the past year
  • Electrolux and AEG EcoLine laundry appliances include models with an energy rating up to 30% better than the best A rating
  • Ultrawash cleans efficiently at 30°C and uses 30% less energy than 40°C cotton program

With the launch of its Electrolux and AEG EcoLine selection, Electrolux Group is again responding to shifts in consumer preferences and setting new levels of sustainability performance. New research highlights the value of the Group’s consumer insight-driven innovation that creates attractive products, which drive profitable growth and help consumers reduce their climate footprint.

Sustainability is a key business driver for Electrolux Group and a differentiator for its brands. Globally, 2 out of 3 consumers consider sustainability an important factor when buying electrical appliances1 and Electrolux Group’s most resource-efficient products typically have a higher profit margin. As approximately 85%2 of an appliance’s climate impact occurs in the use phase, sustainable consumer experience innovation is key for the Group’s ability to help tackle climate change. Electrolux Group achieved its 2025 science-based climate targets for CO2 emission reductions in 2022, three years ahead of time.

Responding to consumers’ increased energy awareness

Consumer awareness and consideration for energy usage has increased significantly. According to the most recent Truth About Laundry3 report, commissioned by Electrolux Group, in Europe 35 million households have started washing at 30°C since 2020; 44% of households now wash at 30°C, and a majority will do so by 2025 if this trend continues. Some 86% of households have tried to reduce energy use in the past year.

In response, Electrolux Group has launched Electrolux and AEG EcoLine. Activated in stores and online across Europe from May onwards, the EcoLine selection includes the strongest energy labels of the Electrolux and AEG brands per product category and highlights key features driving more efficient use of resources.

Thoroughly cleans at 30°C while saving 30% energy

The laundry appliances qualified for EcoLine include models with an energy rating up to 30% better than the best A rating4 with features such as AutoDose, which saves detergent, and Ultrawash, which cleans efficiently at 30°C and uses 30% less energy compared to a 40°C cotton program. The ProSteam program refreshes clothes in 25 minutes using up to 96% less water than washing. Steam also reduces wrinkles and the need to iron. Online, a converter5 helps consumers translate energy efficiency into financial savings. Overall, the new products launched have been very well received, for example the new AEG laundry range has an average 4.8 consumer star rating on a 5-point scale. EcoLine also includes the most energy-efficient Electrolux and AEG products within cooking, dishwashers, and refrigeration.

1) Foresight Factory; 9,012 online respondents, global average, Jan. 2022.
2) Electrolux Group Life cycle assessments.
3) The research is based on data collected from 14,000 adults across 14 European markets between December 20, 2022, and January 16, 2023.
4) For products categorized with the EU energy label, Electrolux/AEG EcoLine products will always have the Group’s best energy labels as a minimum criterion for selection.
5) Energy Savings Tool for websites provided by independent service provider Youreko.