Consolidated results, 2004

  • Net sales in 2004 amounted to SEK 120,651m (124,077), and net income to SEK 3,148m (4,778), corresponding to SEK 10.55 (15.25) per share.
  • Operating income declined to SEK 4,714m (7,175), mainly due to costs for relocation of production.
  • Cash flow improved to SEK 3,224m (2,866), exclusive of proceeds on divestments in 2003.
  • Strong fourth quarter for appliances in Europe and the US, substantial decline in income for appliances in Asia
  • Restructuring to be accelerated in order to finalize most relocation of production by 2008
  • The Board proposes increasing the dividend to SEK 7.00 (6.50), dividend policy changed from 30-50% to at least 30%
  • The Board intends to spin-off the Groups’s Outdoor Products operation as a separate unit.

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