Consolidated results, 2001

  • Lower demand in most product areas for full year page 5
  • Higher sales and operating income for Consumer Durables in Europe, based on improved performance within major appliancespage 6
  • Marked decline in income in North America due to costs for phase-in of new generation of refrigerators, and destocking at retail level page 6
  • Substantial decline in income for Professional Indoor Products refers to Components, other product lines show improvement page 7
  • Strong improvement of cash flow and net debt/equity ratio page 4
  • On-going restructuring measures proceeding according to plan page 3
  • Board proposes increasing dividend to SEK 4.50 page 9
  • Board proposes cancellation of repurchased shares and authorization of new repurchasing program page 9

Net sales and income

Net sales for the Electrolux Group in 2001 rose to SEK 135,803m, as against SEK 124,493m in the previous year. Of the 9.1% increase in sales, changes in the Group’s structure accounted for +2.4%, changes in exchange rates for +9.1%, and volume/price/mix for -2.4%.

The Group’s operating income for 2001 decreased by 17% to SEK 6,281m (7,602), which corresponds to 4.6% (6.1) of net sales. Income after financial items decreased by 20% to SEK 5,215m (6,530), representing 3.8% (5.2) of net sales. Net income decreased by 13% to SEK 3,870m (4,457), corresponding to SEK 11.35 (12.40) per share.