Annual General Meeting 2002

The Annual General Meeting of AB Electrolux was held on Thursday, April 18, in Stockholm.

The proposed dividend of SEK 4.50 per share was adopted. The record date was set for April 23, 2002, and dividends are estimated to be paid on April 26, 2002.

Hans Stråberg was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Electrolux Group.

In accordance with a proposal from the Board of Directors, the Meeting decided to reduce the share capital by SEK 137,285,000 by way of withdrawal, without repayment, of 27,457,000 shares of series B which the Company previously has acquired.

The Meeting also authorized the Board, for the period until the next AGM, to acquire and transfer the Companys own shares. The total amount of shares of series A and/or series B to be acquired may amount to, at the most, so many shares that, thereafter, the Company holds at a maximum 10 per cent of all shares issued by the Company.