“You’re more capable than you know” – five career tips from our tech leaders

A high-energy, ‘speed mentoring’ event was held recently at our Stockholm headquarters, with the aim to inspire and support all in their tech careers. We share some tips and advice from our leaders.

The tech speed mentoring event was a fun, intimate event that enabled mentees both from Electrolux and the wider Stockholm tech industry the chance to ask quick-fire questions to our inspirational mentors to gain knowledge and tips on how to enhance their careers. Already in tech or just tech-curious? Here’s some advice and inspiration from our leaders who attended the event.

Edit Safrankó, VP HR & Communications Operations

With her depth of varied and international HR experience, Edit reminded all to ‘put yourself out there and do not be afraid to try new things, you’re more capable than you know’. Continuing, ‘you’ll be amazed by how resilient we all are and how much we grow when we challenge ourselves.’ And something never to be forgotten, make sure you are having fun, even in challenging times. An essential tip needed at every stage of your career? Learn and develop your negotiating skills!

George Linton, VP CX IT & Digital

From leading teams of over 700 people across 11 countries, to leading smaller, agile teams of niche talent, George spoke passionately about developing your skills as a ‘good listener’, especially for those interested in tech leadership roles. Being able to communicate your vision, build trust and openness, and bring people together across the business, solid communication skills are essential and luckily, can be learned. Final top tip? When an opportunity that’s right for you appears, grab it! And don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Linda Rothan-Cederberg, Analytics and Data Manager

As a business school graduate, working in IT was not necessarily the career Linda was expecting, but after seeing the transformational impact data can have on achieving business results, she encourages people with diverse backgrounds not to be afraid to take the leap into tech roles. “Make sure to identify your strengths and be proud of what you bring to the company: you might not be as experienced or have the same skills as others around you but understand that this is great news! Compare to yourself and not others and you’ll go far.”

Karin Sjölund, HRBP Director, IT & Digital

With vast and varied HR experience across many tech units such as global R&D organization and IT, Karin came with energy and passion, encouraging all to speak up and be heard. “No matter what stage of your career or where you see you sit within the organization, if you’ve been invited to the meeting, you need to find the courage to speak up and contribute.” And in the ever-changing world of tech, upskilling and continual learning is key. Her top tip? Stay curious; curiosity is a very powerful force.

Helena Babelon, Head of IT Sustainability Solutions

After seeing an opportunity to create a team that would focus on building the sustainability agenda within IT as well as the corporate agenda, Helena now leads the IT Sustainability team and is a sought-after keynote speaker within sustainable tech. “My main advice is to articulate your professional interests to your manager, friends, family, and mentors. By doing so, the possibility of reaching your goals is much greater. Identify a gap, see the opportunity, then strive hard to make it happen.” A practical tip? Helena shares the story of how, in the early stages of her career, she printed out an organizational chart, having lunch or coffee with at least one new person per week, from all different areas of the organization.

Now hear some key takeaways from some of our fabulous mentees who attended the event

“Behind every successful story, there is hard work. It’s all about trying, learning, challenging, failing, and never giving up. It is a continuous journey to learn about yourself. Give yourself time to figure out what you are truly passionate about and find the courage to try different things and take on different challenges.”

“It’s very much up to oneself, just go for it! Speak with others and pitch any ideas you might have.”

“Diversity is our company superpower! We have mentors and mentees with different mindsets, positions and background, so learn from everyone around you.”

“Believe in yourself, keep on pace, ask for feedback and you will be successful on your career path.”

“The Tech Speed Mentoring was a great opportunity to interact with our leaders in a fun and informative environment. Looking forward to the next sessions!”

“For almost three hours, we received a huge amount of concentrated experience, advice, energy and inspiration, and even a little coaching … and of course new happy faces, acquaintances and fantastic people around!”

Electrolux 100 Women would like to thank all mentors and mentees alike for a fantastic event! Keep your eyes on LinkedIn for more mentoring opportunities throughout 2023.