Electrolux publishes a variety of videos with product marketing and corporate content on YouTube.

Many of these are available in high resolution and editors are welcome to use materials from the official Electrolux YouTube channels for journalistic purposes.

Electrolux new visual identity

We are the ingenious design innovator, designing for your life, not just the home. Explore our new visual identity, designed to stand out and communicate a company that is modern and innovative. Read more about the new Electrolux visual identity.

CombiSteam sous vide oven and vacuum sealer

Sous vide cooking is the chef’s secret to getting tender dishes, packed with flavour. Put your food in a vacuum sealed bag and gently cook at a low temperature with full steam. Enjoy the best tasting food and impress your family and guests with the Electrolux CombiSteam Sous Vide oven and Vacuum Sealer.

Electrolux RealLife® Dishwasher

Everything goes in the RealLife® dishwasher. From the largest, dirtiest pans to your most delicate wine glasses, RealLife® will make them all sparkle again. With the 15 place capacity, you can cook large meals and wash everything in one cycle. The top cutlery tray saves space and allows you to wash more in the lower trays. Your glassware is held firmly in place by rubber SoftSpikes® that fit different glass shapes and SoftGrips that hold glass stems in place.

DelicateCare tumble dryer

Dry your favourite clothes, even delicate silk and wool items, with the Electrolux DelicateCare tumble dryer. The dryer tailors the drying cycle to match the needs of your fabrics, even hand wash only items. The endorsement of Woolmark guarantees no shrinkage, compared to flat drying, of even your most delicate hand wash woollens. Save energy with OptiSense, which automatically adjusts the cycle to your load. Plus, the lower drying temperature of the HeatPump helps you save energy, whilst being gentle on your fabrics.

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