Tracking carbon emissions on the go

By 2020, Electrolux aims to cut CO2 emissions from transportation of appliances by 15% – the equivalent of removing 22,000 cars driving 15,000 km a year off the roads. A new dashboard has been created to ensure that we stay on track.

When planning the transportation of our appliances from our factories to warehouses or from warehouses to retailers, the dashboard will allow us to examine the carbon footprint of road, rail, intermodal and ocean shipments.

“About 300,000 tons of CO2 is currently emitted through the transportation of our appliances in Europe, North America and Brazil. The new dashboard will play an important part in reducing our footprint in this respect,” says Tomas Dahlman, Global Director of Energy Strategies. The dashboard shows the advantages of using rail and intermodal (when more than one mode of transport is used).

Electrolux has already improved CO2 efficiency in sea transportation by 35% since 2011. In 2016, Electrolux improved CO2 efficiency for land transportation by 3% compared to 2015.