Top suppliers recognized by Electrolux

Electrolux held its fourth Supplier Awards event on October 19, 2016, recognizing its top direct material and logistics suppliers for outstanding performance.

“Whether it’s a question of quality, cost, on-time delivery or sustainable practices, the winning suppliers are among the best in their respective fields. They are continuously helping us improve, while bringing innovative solutions that will differentiate our offering,” says Gregoire Letort, Chief Purchasing Officer.”

Thirty-two finalists gathered for the one-day awards event at Electrolux North America headquarters in Charlotte, NC which featured discussions on how to create best-in-class consumer experiences, with focus on innovation and quality, plus first-hand experience of the Frigidaire products.

“It’s not just about recognizing excellence,” says Letort. “By bringing our top suppliers to Charlotte, we strengthen our relationships, giving them access to top management and insight into our strategic goals.”

Jan Brockmann, Chief Operations Officer, agrees and adds: ”We see our suppliers as partners, playing a crucial role in innovation. The solutions we jointly created have helped increase our competitiveness. Thanks to this collaboration, we have identified new business ideas and brought value to consumers.”

Another recurring topic throughout the event is the key role that sustainability has in the Group’s agenda. “Our top suppliers are not only key to ensure quality and performance of our appliances, but they also support our leading role in the industry when it comes to sustainability, developing more energy-efficient solutions, using more recycled and sustainable materials and overall reducing our carbon fooprint,” says Letort.

Winners were choosen in the following categories:

Supplier Excellence

The Supplier Excellence Award recognizes operational excellence in product development, price competitiveness, quality and the supply chain, as well as social and environmental practices. Suppliers nominated for this award have demonstrated a sustainable performance record that enables Electrolux factories to produce the most competitive home appliances with the best quality.

Winners: T&P Reflex, Longda, Grupo Estisol, Feihong, Sony and DM Elektron.

Supplier Innovation

The Supplier Innovation Awards recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop new innovative components that make a difference to Group products and consumers.

Winners: Brazeway, Nissha / Eimo Technologies, Sepstar, Meteor.

Global Logistics

The Global Logistics Award recognizes the logistics company that provides the highest quality of service, on-time delivery, performance, cost competitiveness and sustainability practices.

Winners: DHL Global Forwarding.