Top suppliers awarded by Electrolux

Electrolux recognized the outstanding performance of its top suppliers from around the world last week (Wednesday 15 October) at its annual Supplier Awards event held in Stockholm.

Prior to the awards, finalists came to Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm to learn about the Better Living Program – a plan to enable better and more sustainable living for consumers around the world through to 2030 – and how to reinforce Electrolux sustainability commitment throughout the  supply chain.

“Congratulations to our top suppliers for their outstanding performance and contribution. We look forward to working with them and all our suppliers with a genuine sense of shared purpose towards our 2030 sustainability targets.” says Peter Truyens, SVP Group Purchasing.

At the Supplier Awards ceremony, up for grabs were 11 awards divided into three categories: Supplier Innovation, Supplier Excellence and Global Service Provider.

Supplier Innovation

The Innovation Award recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop new innovative components and features that make a difference to Group products and consumers.


– ATE (Dish Care and Fabric Care), Brahma (Food Preparation), Herrmann Ultrasonics (Food Preservation), Regoplasz (Home Care & SDA).

Supplier Excellence

The Supplier Excellence Award recognizes operational excellence in product development, price competitiveness, quality and supply chain, as well as social and environmental practices.


JET Industries (APAC & MEA), EMZ (Europe), HelpTech (Latin America), Brazeway (North America), GCE (Home Care & SDA), and Arcobaleno (Professional).

Global Service Provider

The Global Service Provider Award recognizes service providers with the highest quality of service, innovation and impact, which contribute to creating outstanding consumer experiences.


LKW Walter