Top suppliers awarded by Electrolux

Electrolux recognized the outstanding performance of its top suppliers from around the world (Wednesday, October 14) at its annual Supplier Awards event livestreamed from Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm.

The selected companies for the 2020 Supplier Awards have all been recognized for their integral role in the Electrolux supply chain, and for their excellent performance in delivering innovative and competitive products that help Electrolux attain its ambitious sustainability goals.

“Congratulations to our top suppliers! Together, they support us in creating more consumer value. We look forward to continue working with them, and all our suppliers, to drive operational excellence, innovation, and sustainable solutions.” says Peter Truyens, SVP Group Purchasing.

At the Supplier Awards online ceremony, seven awards were presented in the following categories: Consumer Experience Award—Taste, Care and Wellbeing, Direct Material, Service Provider, Sustainability, and Supplier of the Year

And the winners are…

Consumer Experience Award—Taste

The Consumer Experience Award “Taste” recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop innovative solutions that make a difference in our food preparation and food preservation products to create better consumer experiences.


Arma, a leader in metal filters, handles and handle assemblies, provides a vital interface between product design teams and the end products. Arma’s rich experience and strong research and development capabilities, proactively help us co-develop innovative design solutions. Handles are a critical touch-point between our products and the consumer since they communicate the look, feel and finish of our brands.

Consumer Experience Award—Care

The Consumer Experience Award “Care” recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop innovative solutions that make a difference in our dish care and fabric care products to create better consumer experiences.

Rechi Precision

Thanks to the high efficiency of Rechi’s heat pump compressors, which are used in tumble dryers, Electrolux is able to offer our consumers improved product performance, while reducing energy consumption, noise and vibration. As a result, our tumble dryers are a market reference in terms of sustainability and environmental impact (-25% energy consumption – new A class), and they are also driving high consumer ratings.

Consumer Experience Award—Wellbeing

The Consumer Experience Award “Wellbeing” recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop innovative solutions that make a difference in our home care and home comfort products to create better consumer experiences.

Chunju Electric

As an OEM supplier, Chunju has shown a deep understanding of our exacting demands in terms of design and quality, which presented a challenge for both Chunju and their supply chain. The company took extraordinary efforts to include demanding materials such as aluminum tubing and leather wrapping in the design, which has given Electrolux a competitive edge. Thanks to their ceaseless determination, the new floor care product was launched on time.

Operational Excellence Award—Direct Material

The Direct Material Operational Excellence Award recognizes excellence in value creation, quality and supply chain flexibility, as well as social and environmental engagement. Suppliers nominated for this award have a consistent performance record that enables Electrolux factories to produce the most competitive home appliances with the best quality.


Ilpea, which supplies gaskets and other molded components, has provided excellent delivery support with several of their factories located near Electrolux operations. The company is a proactive supplier, helping to solve problems and drive productivity. Ilpea also delivers value through innovation, including a sealing solution that can be applied worldwide, bringing cost and timing benefits to our new product development process.

Operational Excellence Award—Service Provider

The Service Provider Operational Excellence Award recognizes the company that provides the highest service quality and enables innovation for great consumer experiences. The suppliers nominated to this category support Electrolux to continuously improve, act sustainably, and advance digitalization.

Toyota Tsusho

Toyota Tsusho is a global provider of logistics services that has demonstrated the ability to secure additional storage space to support changing production demand, complete reengineering of inbound material flows, including digital labelling, recycling water from the washing of returnable containers, the “China Hub” project to improve flow of direct materials from mainland China to our factory in Thailand, and precision of inventory control, at over 99.9% consistency.

Sustainability Award

The Sustainability Award recognizes the supplier that has made the most progress towards the Electrolux sustainability targets expressed in our framework “For the Better 2030”: A first this year with open nominations.

PreZero Polymers

PreZero Polymers (formerly Sky Plastics) has shown its dedication in supporting the Electrolux target of replacing half of all plastics with recycled grades. The company’s initiatives for improving the material efficiency of our products, and for facilitating our transition towards circularity has been essential in advancing our sustainability journey.

Supplier of the Year

The Supplier of the Year Award recognizes the supplier that has distinguished itself by making the biggest impact in terms of value creation for Electrolux.


Weg is a supplier of electric motors that serve our fabric care product line. It is a company that has quickly understood the increased global focus of Electrolux and has restructured to supply additional business areas. Weg creates value by providing a high level of quality, supply chain consistency and innovative solutions, while fully supporting our sustainability initiatives.