The greenest vac on the market is black

Electrolux this month launched the Ultrasilencer Green, the most energy-efficient cleaner on the market made of recycled materials. Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green uses 33% less energy and is made with 55% recycled plastic.

The use of 55% recycled plastics reduces the energy consumed in manufacturing of those plastic components by 90%. Even more important, a new, high-efficiency motor reduces the appliance’s energy consumption by 33% compared to a standard 2.000W vacuum cleaner.

Because Ultrasilencer Green is made out of recycled materials, it is only available in black.

“The color black was chosen because it has the best looking finish and quality when using recycled materials,” explains Global Design Director Floor Care & Small Appliances Thomas Johansson. “Our designers then added signature elements of green on the graphics and buttons.”

Socially conscious consumers
Fighting climate change is high on consumer and government agendas and industry observers believe that it is only a matter of time before energy labeling will be introduced for vacuum cleaners.

Moreover, consumers are already showing a clear preference for more energy-efficient appliances. According to a 2007 survey conducted by Electrolux, 70% of North American and European consumers want their appliances to be environmentally friendly. In addition, 76% compare the energy efficiency ratings of different brands, and of those, 93% said that the ratings strongly influenced their purchasing decision or was one of the main criteria.

“The survey surprised us a bit, because we found an overwhelming concern, which actually translates into a great marketing opportunity for energy-efficient appliances like these,” says Martin Hörnqvist, Consumer Research Director for Electrolux.

Less energy, great performance
The Ultrasilencer Green is fitted with a new, 1,250-Watt motor that uses 33% less energy than a standard, 2,000W vacuum cleaner, while delivering the same dust pick-up, thanks to a newly designed nozzle.

Vacuuming one hour a week with a 2000W consumes 60% of an A+ energy rated refrigerator on a weekly basis. By doing the same with the Ultra Silencer Green, consumers would save up to 73 euros over 10 years, or almost one-third of the product price.

“Reducing the energy use of the appliance is extremely important as usage by consumers represents 75% of the product’s total environmental impact over its life cycle,” says Pia Stenberg, Product Marketing Manager Europe at Electrolux.

She continues: “In fact, if all 100 million European consumers that bought a vacuum cleaner with more than 1300W in the last 8 years vacuumed one hour per week with the Ultrasilencer Green instead of their current vacuum cleaner, we could close down two, 200-megawatt coal-fired power plants.”

Adding to the energy saving, Electrolux estimates that using recycled plastic saves two liters of oil and 80 liters of water per vacuum cleaner in manufacturing.

Like all Ultra Silencer models the Ultrasilencer Green emits only 71dB(A), compared to the average vacuum cleaner’s 78dB and offers ergonomic features designed to make vacuuming easier, including:

  • 9m auto-reverse cord re-winder
  • telescopic tube
  • multi-function upholstery nozzle
  • soft wheels to protect the floor
  • moveable handle to aid portability
  • lightweight of merely 5.4kg

The Ultrasilencer Green will be available in European stores in April this year, and later exported to other continents.

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