The appliance industry goes high-tech

(ELUX) If you think that appliances are a safe-zone from high-tech and IT – well, think again. Tough competition has forced makers of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washers and stoves to start innovating and, in today’s household appliance industry, companies must be technically competitive to stay ahead.

The world’s largest appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, aims at presenting one major product innovation per year. The Screenfridge, which combines computer and refrigeration technology to revolutionize kitchens and homes–is one of many such innovations to be introduced by the Swedish-based company in recent years.

Last year, Electrolux presented the ultimate household dream – the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Though many competitors were working to be the first to produce such a futuristic robot that automatically vacuums floors, Electrolux managed to be first. The robot’s vision is enabled by acoustic radar, and newly developed software enables the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to clean almost any shape of real-life rooms, not just laboratory prototypes.

A cousin to the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the Auto Mower from Husqvarna, a member of the Electrolux family of brands. The Auto Mower knows its way around your garden and keeps your lawn in trim automatically. Basically, you let it out in the spring and put it away in the fall. This battery-powered Auto Mower will cut your lawn peacefully and quietly and even recharge itself by finding its way back to the charging station. The Auto Mower is already available in the market.

The growing concern for the environment in recent years has accelerated the production of environmental friendly appliances. Electrolux was quick to be the first company to introduce a complete range of CFC-free refrigerators. Today, the company sells refrigerators that consume less electricity than a 15-watt light bulb!

But low-energy consumption and breakthrough technology are not enough. Design is more and more vital to the appliance industry. Electrolux CEO and President, Michael Treschow, often proclaims that he is fed up with only white goods: “We need blue goods, red goods, orange goods, and green goods.”

One example of how Electrolux is flirting with consumers is the N.O.W series. N.O.W. stands for ‘Not Only White’ – a refrigerator that’s available in 6,000 possible different versions! From a basic model, the customer chooses color, accessories, interiors etc. Options include stainless steel throughout, full length wooden handles and clear glass accessories. There’s a full range of colors for matching or contrasting schemes, offering consumers a truly individual result that reflects their own decor, tastes and lifestyle.

Much acclaimed is also the OZ, THEO and ZOE series of appliances from Zanussi, a member of the Electrolux brand family. Powerful curves and colors hallmark the OZ refrigerator, washer and stove. The OZ series have received several design awards in Europe for the completely new forms. The Zanussi chief designer, Roberto Pezzetta, said that he was inspired by a dream to retire the traditional, clinical white appliances once and for all.

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