Sustainability storytelling: A collaboration with Berghs School of Communication

As a leader in sustainability, Electrolux Group recently partnered with the world-renowned Berghs School of Communication (SOC) in Sweden to explore PR ideas as the company moves toward its sustainability goals for 2030 and beyond.

In December, the company invited 170 students to its HQ in Stockholm to set them a sustainability-focused PR challenge as part of Berghs SOC’s ‘Explore Sustainability’ course – with teams asked to deliver ideas around energy efficiency, circularity and healthy living. Two weeks later, 24 PR ideas were presented to a jury from Berghs SOC and Electrolux Group.

Åsa Öhman, Electrolux Group PR Manager, explains: “As sustainability leaders in the industry, we have an important story to share. To get fresh perspectives on how to do that from the next generation of brilliant PR minds, has been very inspiring. We heard 24 exciting ideas and we look forward to exploring them further as we build our sustainability narrative on the way to 2030.”

The creative student ideas included partnerships, scholarships, influencer engagement, product ideas and more. Watch the casefilms here (in English).

The Electrolux Group collaboration was led by Öhman, alongside Virginia Melian, Director of Sustainability Communications, together with Axel Barvaeus, Director of the Public Relations and Strategic Communications programs and Svante Ahlman, Program Director for Art and Copy, from Berghs SOC.

“Sharing ideas and perspectives between students and corporations is truly a recipe for innovation, as the collaboration with Electrolux Group is testament to. We were happy to see that the students successfully managed to both develop impressively creative solutions and leverage the strengths of each group member and the competences they brought with them from their specific program,” explains Barvaeus.

Public Relations student Evelyne Uittomäki Järnefelt says: “Working with Electrolux Group, we got to apply our theoretical knowledge in a practical context and gain important insights into what it’s like to work with such a complex and important topic for a real client. It was challenging for sure, but fun and very rewarding.”