Successful white vac inspired by snow

A unique experiment produced amazing results: Electrolux manufactured a limited-edition premium vacuum cleaner designed by one of Sweden’s most influential designers and sold the product at a premium at special boutiques.

The all-white special edition Ultrasilencer vacuum cleaner was designed by noted Swedish designer Pia Wallén. Only 5,000 units were manufactured at a factory that normally focuses on production series of several hundred thousands.

The factory and marketing teams worked hard to produce a very premium special edition product, according the Anthony Ford, Electrolux global brand director.

“The team worked together to perfect a series of 5,000 units with a very high level of quality and attention to detail,” he says.”

Sold in upscale shops
The vac started selling in September 2007 in exclusive designer furniture shops like Asplunds in Stockholm and the Skandium in London.

This is the first time Electrolux has made a premium special edition product, and it can be compared to clothing retailers collaborating with famous designers, or mobile phone manufacturers making diamond studded handsets.

As quiet as the falling snow
Designer Pia Wallén was given complete freedom to create her interpretation of the Ultrasilencer. She chose the color because, to her, falling white snow is the most beautiful sound in the world. To create a tight and consistent concept, even the insides of the vac, and packaging materials, are all white. Flashes of bright orange on some of the machine’s functions echo the color of guide poles that are used to mark pathways through the wintry Swedish landscape.

“It is as easy on the eyes as it is the ears. Electrolux owns the promise of silence, and this just sharpens the message even further,” says Pia Stenberg, Product Marketing Manager Premium Segment Floor Care.

Strengthening the brand
This exclusive vacuum cleaner has been featured in a whole slew of influential design magazines including Wallpaper, Elle Decoration and the Financial Times.

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