Stories of Electrolux – The service-call whisperer

Carole Jacheo’s job is to make sure that consumers have such a great service experience that they come back to Electrolux again and again for parts, products and warranties. This is the 10th in a series of stories where we spotlight employees who have been nominated by their co-workers as role models in how to shape living for the better.

When consumers call the Customer Engagement Center (CEC) in Augusta, Georgia, they are renewing contracts or ordering parts. And often, they are frustrated. Maybe their dishwasher is not working and they need a repairman to come. That’s all fine and easy to schedule, but things get tricky when that consumer is having a dinner party tonight and demands that a repairman show up before their guests arrive. And that’s when Carole Jacheo steps in.

Creative problem solving, quick thinking and keeping a cool head are necessary job skills for Carole. The Back Office Team Lead for the CEC does everything she can to make sure that people get their problems solved so quickly and efficiently that they happily buy our products and services again.

In her role, Carole oversees a team of phone agents who are on the line with consumers. She makes sure that the agents know our policies and procedures so they can properly handle consumer calls and if things get out of hand, Carole is there to de-escalate the situation. She is so good at her role that customers who had her help when she started seven years ago as a Frigidaire phone agent still remember her by name.

What does shape living for the better mean to you?

Improving our ways of thinking and being innovative. For instance, we made changes to our procedures to reduce the wait time for our consumers. Another action we took was to limit the amount of waste by emailing documents to consumers instead of using printing and mailing.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

The collaboration I have with my team, other sectors and coworkers makes my job fun. Working on processes and successfully making changes to streamline procedures— all with a focus on providing our consumers with an effortless experience—makes every day different.

I like working along with my team, coaching and training them to make sure they have the tools to succeed and flourish so that they can move on to coach their own teams.

What kind of challenges do you face?

Assisting while staying within our guidelines to provide each consumer with an effortless experience is always a challenge. Every call is different, but there are similar issues to solve. And I enjoy being a creative problem solver.

What has been your biggest success?

I have been inspired by our leadership at the CEC. The belief they have in my work and performance is inspiring. I have been challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and with their support, I have delivered. These challenges have helped with my own growth and confidence.

What does someone in your role do?

Every day is different. But generally speaking, I work with the admin team to support the front line agents who are on the phone assisting consumers with renewing their contract or buying parts. I step in if an issue has been escalated. We try to make consumers happy with their service and to resolve issues quickly. To do this, we are continually streamlining our processes.