Step into the world of Electrolux product design

With consumers spending more time at home, product design focused on user experience is playing an increasingly important role.

Electrolux is now showcasing its design framework , ´Design DNA Elements´,  which shines the spotlight on how light, graphics, form, motion, scent, texture, material, color and sound are all considered in the design process to create the perfect consumer experience.

“As we shift our focus to user experiences, we need to appeal to all consumers’ senses,” says Terence Tan, Senior Leader and Specialist in Color, Material and Finishing Design, and one of the masterminds behind Design DNA Elements. “Electrolux Design DNA is our framework to create multisensorial experiences that are more human and sustainable, both physically and digitally. We’re showcasing this to demonstrate how it impacts our design processes, and ultimately our products.”

Over the coming months, a series of videos and stories will provide a glimpse into the Electrolux design process.

Take a look at the Design DNA Elements trailer here.