Staying home? Tricks to declutter your home and mind

With extra time at home, designer Pernilla Johansson, specialized in enabling the value by design, has used her creative skills to reorganize her home so even her attic is ‘a pleasure to enter’. Here’s her top three tips.

1. Declutter your space

Through the years I have often dreamed about a real deep clean, reorganization of the boxes in the attic, improving our storage system to make it organized not only on the surface but also underneath. Somehow these projects were the least prioritized.

After about a month at home we kicked of a real deep clean – the type that declutters, organizes cabinets and considers every item by itself. And it feels so good. Even the attic is now a pleasure to enter.

I highly recommend using free time at home to get your home organized. You don’t have to do it all – perhaps go for a room or a ‘theme’ at a time. But every step you take will help your overall wellbeing.

2. Do an instant clean

It’s not all about the deep clean. Spending that much more time at home, especially during daytime makes you aware on how fast the dust rats are gathering. With our cleaner in quarantine, living with three cats and two teens, the term ‘instant clean’ has never been more relevant. Next to my very prominent home office space we’ve installed a PureQ9 stick vacuum within reach, and all the handy accessories neatly tucked into the cabinet just beside.

Do the instant cleans that make you feel good – even just a twenty minute whizz around to pick up dust will make you feel better.

3. Spend time creating your workspace

I’m happily set up working from home at the end of our kitchen table – in the middle of our open plan living area. But the next project is to set up a permanent home office. Living with an open plan area, it will have to be carefully considered. I have identified the place, the optimum size (balancing the visual flow of the room as well as the functional requirements), the visual mood and the quality level we are after. I’m still searching for the perfect item as I strongly believe in buying sustainable long-lasting quality and something that I truly love.

Take time considering your workspace – for ergonomic and functional reasons but also as a fun interior design project – and you will look forward to ‘going to work’.