Small appliances from Electrolux sweep six Plus X Awards

The Electrolux Group has received six international Plus X Awards for its line of vacuum cleaners and small appliances, including three “Best Product of the Year” awards. In addition, Electrolux was named in the category “Most Innovative Brands of the Year”.

The Plus X Award recognizes innovative technologies, sport and lifestyle products, judged in the categories of innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology. The “most innovative brand” accolade is presented to the companies with the most awards.

The products awarded are:

  • Ergorapido vacuum cleaner (Best Product of the Year)
  • Creative Range of small kitchen appliances (Best Product of the Year)
  • Precision4Safety iron (Best Product of the Year)
  • UltraOne vacuum cleaner
  • Rapido vacuum cleaner
  • Éspria coffee maker

For further information

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