Professional fridges can also be energy efficient

Electrolux has launched a range of professional refrigerators and freezers that meet stringent new European energy-efficiency requirements long before the rules come into effect. The energy saving potential in professional kitchens is substantial and the Ecostore range meets an increasing demand for more sustainable professional kitchen products.

According to one study in the UK, energy consumption in professional cooking is almost twice the amount used for domestic cooking.

Electrolux studies have shown that potential savings in professional restaurants could be as much as 40% only by installing new equipment and changing routines in the kitchens.

“With the new Ecostore refrigeration range, Electrolux matches the requirements of top-class professional refrigeration, according to the new EU energy label that will be effective in July 2016,” says Massimiliano Falcioni, Electrolux Professional Refrigeration Category Manager. “This is a milestone in the professional food service industry”.

Electrolux Professional is already the market leader in professional refrigeration with regard to energy efficiency.

Net volume in the new range allows for the largest storage space on the market and performance is guaranteed in tough conditions (level 5, meaning the product can perform at 40°C ambient temperature and 40% humidity), which also implies helping reducing food waste in professional kitchens.

Professional refrigeration products are measured using specific criteria, which vary from those applied by the energy consumption labelling of household appliances. “The machines are tested by recreating real heavy duty conditions such as frequent cabinet openings at 40°C degrees temperature and 40% humidity”, Falcioni adds.

“The new EU energy label can really make a difference when it comes to conscious restaurateurs. They can rely on accurate information on energy consumption, net volume and performance,” he explains.