New wave of ‘femgineers’ join Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

For the second year running, a group of female high school students has joined Electrolux to learn about the world of engineering as part of the Introduce a Girl to Engineering (IGE) Day.

Committed to increasing the number of females in engineering and technology roles, Electrolux recently invited an enthusiastic group of 24 girls aged 13-19 years old to be engineers for a day. Working in small groups, the girls tried out several engineering projects including drawing and making a component in a 3D environment, and testing the design of a dishwasher by putting various items through wash cycles and gauging the care results.

“It was a great day to nurture, inspire and empower girls for tech. When we speak about legacy and future, these girls could potentially be the next generation of engineers, and sharing our experience, knowledge and time with them shows how women are welcome in the engineering industry,” said Amanda Molina Zoppas, a Senior Innovation Engineer who took part.

IGE Day was created in 2014 by Womengineer— an organization for female engineers and engineering students— to increase interest in technology and engineering among young girls. Companies, organizations and colleges around Sweden are encouraged to participate by inviting young girls for a day of activities to give them an insight into what it’s like to work as an engineer.