New Wash & Dry from Electrolux Professional: Two machines in one

One machine can do both the washing and drying in this innovative product from Electrolux Professional.

Known as the Wash & Dry, this new machine is a robust, performing and user friendly appliance. It’s being launched primarily to self service laundries and the hospital and hospitality sectors.

For hospitality and hospitals sectors, the Wash & Dry can save space in tight areas, according to Bo Lennart Jonasson, VP Marketing & Product Management of Electrolux Laundry Systems.

“It takes up a decreased footwidth even though it does the same job as two machines,” he says. “And there is no need for an operator to load or unload the laundry from one machine to another, so it saves on resources as well.”

A complement to self-service laundries
Self-service laundries, like those found in apartment houses or in launderettes, are likely to install the new Washer & Dryer as a complement to the existing machines. It is a high-profile product that provides more convenience to users.

“Owners of self-service laundries can offer this new possibility as a complementary alternative to traditional products and gain in competitive advantage,” continues Jonasson. “The entire laundry will achieve a high-end and flexible profile with installation of latest technology.”

Talking washer
The self-service version of the Wash & Dry includes an optional voice guidance system (VGS), which gives instructions and explains to the operator what should be done and when. This solution is ideal for installations at apartment house laundries or launderettes, where the operators changes several times a day.

Other useful features include the Compass Control® Technology, a smart user interface that allows operators to easy select from defined wash libraries.

The laundry manager can select one of the three different settings: Economy, which reduces energy and water consumption, Performance, which can be used when a very high quality washing program is needed, or Time for reducing time and increasing efficiency.

The Wash & Dry was launched in Japan in 2007 with great results, and is now being launched in Europe.

For more information please contact the Electrolux media hotline: +46 8 657 6507