New solution for loading and unloading dishwashers

According to research, consumers complain about loading and unloading their dishwashers. Electrolux now has some new features to help people with dishwasher hassles.

Consumers also complain when glasses and dishes aren’t stable during wash cycles. It isn’t uncommon to have glasses or bowls filled with water at the end of the program.

Electrolux is presenting a new range of dishwashers in Europe equipped with several new solutions to help solve these problems.

Stable placement
Soft Load is a clever solution for loading cups and glasses so they always remain stably placed in the dishwasher. It features soft spikes that stabilize loaded items. Even delicate glasses and crystals stay stable and are not at risk of breaking.

Better loading and unloading
Other nifty features are two removable plate baskets located in the lower basket that allows users to load or unload seven dishes at a time. The goal is to save people time and to guarantee the safe transport of dishes to and from the dishwasher.

Yet another innovative feature is the small cutlery basket positioned at the front of the upper basket. This small cutlery basket makes it faster and more ergonomic to load cutlery. If users  have only a few pieces of cutlery, they can remove the main cutlery basket in the lower basket, freeing up some space for more plates and pots.

“Our consumers tell us that one of the main hassles with loading the dishwasher is finding a stable position for cups and glasses,” says Filip Francke, head of product line Dish Care in Europe.

The new features will be launched on select dishwashers in Europe in the coming months.

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