New Hi-Tech Fridge from AEG-Electrolux

AEGElectrolux Side-by-Side offers consumers latest technology in controlled cooling

Thanks to an innovative new technology, Wave Touch, the latest AEG-Electrolux Side-by-Side fridge is unique in its kind.

Expert control
Designed and engineered for the maximum user control, the electronic Wave Touch controls on the new AEG-Electrolux Side-by-Side will only become visible when needed. Ensuring a smooth clean black surface when not in use, it gives your kitchen a streamlined appearance.

“It’s just like your hob”, explains Jim Hanson, Head of Food Preservation, at AEG-Electrolux. Hanson continues, “The electronic controls on our new fridge are designed to be visible only when you need them. This gives you maximum control over your appliance but will also ensure a sleek smooth appearance of your kitchen”.

A+ Class
The new AEG-Electrolux Side-by-Side is rated A+ on performance as well as energy consumption. This ensures not only a first class appliance but also an appliance consuming up to 25% less energy than a similar A class appliance.

State-of the-art features
The new AEG-Electrolux Side-by-Side refrigerators come with a range of features including:
• The new advanced PureAdvantageTM filtration system (for water and air).
• Easy filter replacement and status indicators to alert when needing to replace the filter.
• Enhanced lightening thanks to bright white lightening at five levels with fade-in effect when the door is opened.
• Chill ZoneTM Drawer for longer storage of meat, fish and sensitive food.
• Large vegetable drawers with humidity control ensuring a better preservation of fruit and vegetables.
• Water & Ice Dispenser allowing access for all vessels including bottles.
• Large capacity ice-maker delivering up to 50% more ice-cubes (big size).
• Fast IceTM option allowing for quick delivery of large amounts of ice (ideal for special occasions).
• Extra resistant doors with real stainless steel finishing (10 cm thick).
• Anti-finger print coating to ensure a smooth clean appearance.

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