Much easier to dry sweaters with new Calima washer

The new Calima washing machine revolutionizes drying woollen sweaters and delicate garments. It is the first machine in the world which has a built-in extendable drying board.

Do you dislike having to wait for wool sweaters to dry, draped on tables, chairs and radiators in your home? Ever had to pull out the hairdryer or iron to “emergency dry” clothes you need to wear? Ever had your expensive silk garments lose their shape thanks to lying on a clothes horse?

You’re not alone. 92% of consumers confess to experiencing difficulties with drying woollen garments. The most common problems are not having enough space to dry, sort and fold clothes or for a tumble dryer, and a messy house with wet clothes lying around.

The good news is that Electrolux is launching an innovative product, the first on the market, designed to address these consumer woes. The new Electrolux Calima is a washing machine with an extendable drying board on top where clothes can be dried flat and quickly.

A new way to dry clothes
The traditional way to dry a sweater is to wash it and then roll it in a towel to absorb moisture, place it on a heater and turn periodically. If you’re lucky it will be ready to wear after two days. Enter the Calima. All you need to do is to take the sweater out of the washing machine and place it on the Calima choosing type of fabric and temperature, turn the sweater once and it’s ready to wear in 60 minutes.

Other features include the Time Manager function, a 1,400 maximum spin speed, 7 kg full load capacity, direct spray, LCD display and an A+ energy rating.

Besides drying woollen garments, the Calima also dries delicate underwear and garments and items like baby clothes quickly and safely. It can also be used to dry items like that pair of jeans which you need to wear today.

Consumer-insight driven product
“Electrolux is the first company to come up with this consumer-insight driven machine,” says Salvatore Valenti, Project Manager for the Calima, “offering a quick and convenient way to dry delicate clothes straight from the washing machine without the need to worry about where to dry them.”

“The Calima concept has been tested successfully with our target consumers and is seen as addressing a real need and adding real value to the washing machine and laundry process.”

The Calima will be launched in France and Central East Europe in March/April 2009 and will later be launched in Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Russia and Belgium.

For further information contact Electrolux Media Hotline on +46 8 657 65 07