Molteni stove at “fashionable” Milan restaurant

Electrolux teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana to install a Molteni custom-made cooker for the posh restaurant Dolce & Gabbana Gold in Milan.

Gold is the first concept restaurant in Italy created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the duo behind the Dolce & Gabbana brand of fashion fame. Located in Milan, Gold features many exclusive dining areas for different occasions.

This stove enables the chef to provide a unique dining experience to the restaurant’s guests and change the menu every month. The menu offers Italian cuisine with high quality ingredients, as well as a broad selection of healthier, low-fat choices.

The Molteni delivered uses induction technology, the safest, most economical and fastest way of cooking. With this method, the conversion of energy into heat occurs directly to the cooking pan. Induction cooking heats the food in the pan directly and uniformly, while the ceramic glass hob stays cold. Low heat dispersion makes the working environment more comfortable for the chef and allows the capacity of the ventilation system to be reduced.

The made-to-measure stove has a black enamel finish and is packed with features, like stainless steel trims, central tubular stainless steel shelf, electric salamander (a type of broiling oven), water tap on shelf, three large surface induction plates with open cupboard underneath, electric smooth chromium grill, electric hot cupboard, electric solid top areas, an induction wok with open cupboard underneath, an electric pasta cooker, electric fryer, and a bain-marie.

The Molteni brand is part of the Electrolux Group.