Michael Treschow new chair of Transatlantic Business Dialogue

(ELUX) Michael Treschow has been appointed the new European chair in the Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD). TABD is made up of business executives from the United States and the European Union. TABD has an advisory function toward the European Commission and the US government relating to the trade regulations between Europe and the US.

The main role of the chairman is to put forward the recommendations and viewpoints of the business community at two top meetings per year between the USA and the EU. TABD holds annual conferences to determine its recommendations. In addition, the chair holds deliberations with the European commissioners for trade and industry.

In recent years, the TABD was able to reduce customs duties on IT products and to remove several of technical trade barriers in a number of industries, such as for heavy-duty vehicles and telecommunications. Other typical TABD issues include standards, regulatory policies, business promotion, global issues, small and medium-sized companies, and e-commerce. Michael Treschow has been President and CEO of Electrolux since 1997.

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